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Charter for Health Services Hub (HSH) Consumers and Providers

Healthy Communities Coalition of Lyon and Storey Counties and its Partner Organizations in collaboration with the Lyon County School District agree to support and commit to the vision and core principles for guiding the development, implementation and ongoing sustainability of the Health Services Hub Project. Some of the State and Federal funding sources contributing to development and implementation of the Hub include Safe Schools/Healthy Students; SAPTA; Healthy Families America Home Visiting; Partnership for Success; and Nevada State Division of Public and Behavioral Health, among others.

WHO–The following HSH Partner Organizations commit to and support this charter: Carson Health and Human Services, Nevada Partners, Central Lyon Youth Connection, Northern Nevada Dentist Society, Community Health Nursing, Community Chest, Inc., Nevada Rural Counseling, Community Health Alliance, Lyon County Human Services, Renown, Lions Club, Lyon County School District, Rural Counseling and Support Services, and Silver Springs-Stagecoach Hospital District.

WHAT–The Health Services Hub is a consumer-centered school and community-based hub that coordinates the delivery of health care and social services for all members of the community, including the most vulnerable.  The HSH has the infrastructure to connect individuals and families to health and social services that are evidence-based and/or documented as high quality, while avoiding duplication of services.

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Our vision for Lyon and Storey Counties…there is a culture of positive relationships within and across our communities where people are thriving, children and youth are ready for careers, and people are engaged in positive, meaningful and productive activities—making choices that keep themselves safe, healthy and economically viable.

All consumers of the Health Services Hub system are guaranteed that they will be treated with integrity, respect compassion and accountability.

As HSH Steering Committee members and partner organizations we will cooperate and collaborate with one another to achieve our vision. We will enlist partners for the project who agree to and support the core values we have identified as essential for working together and delivering a system of high quality health services.

The creation of the “Health Economy through Health Hubs” report provides an in-depth look at the region and what is working and what changes would be possible to bring a wider sense of community wellness for our state.  This report will be beneficial to other areas across the country who are struggling with bringing together entities, both governmental and private or non-profit, to forge together and make a collective impact in their own region.


Health Economy and Health Hub 2015


HOW–As a consumer you can expect that we will:

  • Insure that, regardless of age, background, gender, ethnicity or language, you are informed about your choices.
  • Insure that you can access an affordable, sustainable and holistic range of options—from basic services such as screening and treatment for dental, medical and specialty health care needs—through courses, facilities, and vendors that provide products and services to promote and maintain healthy lifestyles.
  • Coordinate care using a “Health Home”[1] approach to deliver the highest quality care in partnership with you and your primary care health provider.

To do this we will:

  • Ensure trust between and among providers and consumers
  • Maintain a welcoming, inclusive approach to ALL who work in and use the system.
  • Approach problems and priorities without FEAR.
  • Maintain an open-mind and be willing to think out of the box to provide continuity of care for you and for this region.
  • Trust in the common good, believe in the vision, and be willing to change to achieve together what no one is capable of doing alone.
  • Stay focused….laser-focused…on the horizon as well as each individual who accesses the system.
  • Respect and sustain a relationship-based system through beliefs, values, and above all, action.
  • Support you managing your own health choices and sharing information to insure you can make the best decisions for your health in the short and long-term

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