High Desert, NOT Food Desert

“People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.”

George Bernard Shaw

What if our desert wasn’t a food desert?

What if food insecurity could be alleviated by local people with local solutions?

What if residents had a role in a local food system that was designed to serve THEM, instead of corporations?

What if, in rural Nevada, people had access to fresh, local food?

What if that food was grown on diverse, small farms the way it used to be before factory farming became the norm?

Join us as we work towards a local food system that empowers people to play an active role in where their food comes from.

This project:

  • Provides mentorship and support for people who wish to grow food, raise livestock, or create and sell cottage food products
  • Delivers education to create informed consumers who understand where food comes from and the best ways to purchase and utilize local food
  • Creates grower-to-consumer markets for people to purchase affordable, healthy food as it becomes available, directly from their neighbors who grow it
  • Provides economic possibilities for small farmers, market gardeners, value-added producers and orchardists by creating local markets for their products
  • Reduces waste through food rescue, shortened supply-chain, and composting
  • Advocates for policies that streamline and simplify processes for local producers while still upholding health and food safety.

We have already begun to lay the groundwork for this ambitious project through our existing school and community gardens, the RHNI greenhouse, rural farmers markets, and food pantries. We are networking with local farmers, food security coalitions, and agency partners. None of us can do it alone, but together, we can make a food system for us, our neighbors, our family.

Contact cortney@hcclsc.org to become part of the movement towards local food in rural Nevada.

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