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Joanne Stevens

Volunteer of the Month ??September 2023 Joanne is a dedicated volunteer with the Silver Stage Food Pantry in Silver Springs. She?s been serving others through the Food Pantry for 5 years. Joanne says her desire as a volunteer is to help the community. Thank you, Joanne!


Volunteer of the Month ? August, 2023 Meet Randy McCain, a valued volunteer with the Dayton Food Pantry. Randy has volunteered for the last two years. He helps unload the Food Bank of Northern Nevada (FBNN) truck each week. His desire is to assist others in the community. Thank you, Randy!


Volunteer of the Month ??July, 2023 Dorothy?has volunteered with the Dayton Food Pantry for three years. She started volunteering because she was new to the community and wanted to get to know her neighbors. She first came to the Pantry as a client, and continues to volunteer every week because she enjoys spending time helping her fellow neighbors. Thank you,?Dorothy!

Debby Ebsen

Volunteer?of?the?Month ??June, 2023 Debby Ebsen has been volunteering with?the?Silver Stage Food Pantry for?the?last six?months.?She explains that she volunteers because her “time and money are a gift from God.” Thank you for being an essential part?of?the?effort to fight hunger, Debby!

Dennis Lavergne

Volunteer of the Month ? May 2023 Dennis has been volunteering with the Dayton Food Pantry for one year. After retirement, he wanted something constructive to do and the Dayton Food Pantry was a good match. Dennis is available to do whatever needs to be done such as delivering bread to HCC?s other two food pantries, coordinating volunteers for food […]

Kerry Griggs

Volunteer of the Month ??April, 2023 Veteran Kerry Griggs volunteers with the Yerington Food Pantry because he believes being a part of a community means giving back to that community. Kerry has been volunteering and helping Yerington increase local food security for about four years. Thank you, Kerry!

Eric McIntosh

Volunteer of the Month ? February 2023 Eric is a valued volunteer with HCC?s Rural Health and Nutrition Initiative. He?s a very active grandparent who also volunteers with the Dayton Advisory Board and FISH (Friends in Service Helping) in Mound House. In his free time Eric enjoys making glass art. He explains that he really enjoys the peace of mind […]

?Harold Slear

Volunteer of the Month ? January, 2023 Harold Slear is a volunteer with HCC?s Rural Health and Nutrition Initiative (RHNI). Harold is a member of Kiwanis, and loves volunteering. He gave over 100 hours of volunteer service to RHNI over this summer and early fall. Harold loves to ride his motorcycle, and is an artist when he is not helping […]