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Office: 775-246-7550
fax:     246-7553
Mailing: PO Box 517 Dayton Nevada, 89403
Office: 170 Pike Street, Dayton Nevada, 89403


Wendy Madson is Healthy Communities’ new Executive Director. Former director Christy McGill described her as “Healthy Communities’ own Mother Nature,” and wrote that, “Wendy has a fierce love for all things growing including people. You will see Wendy at Community Roots, the community gardens, school gardens, and at many of our free dental events. Yes both plants and teeth have roots and she feels quite comfortable beside a dental chair or a daisy.”


Contact Wendy at or cell:775-250-7884

Christy McGill was the previous Executive Director, which according to her was a totally awesome job! She got to interface with over 75 formal  partners, youth, and many citizens to bring them together to discuss how to make our region thrive. She saw her role as part community organizer, part party hostess, part advocate, and 100%, of course we can do this! She believes in extreme inclusion because everyone is needed to make our communities flourish and relishes in helping put the pieces together to see what kind of beautiful mosaic members can make–she calls this collaborative mosaic–community.
me at BMan

Today Christy is the Director for the Office of Safe and Respectful Learning Environment with the Nevada Department of Education.

Quest Lakes is the Public Relations champion and “content curator” for Healthy Communities.  Her writings and posts showcase all the amazing work of our partners, volunteers, and staff. She also is an avid researcher of community based practices and evidence base programs. Art, family, community, reading, and community organizing through social media are all passions that contribute to her success here at Healthy Communities. Quest has a Bachelor’s in literature and history from Ball State University.


Contact Quest for anything related to media and arts. and cell: 775-287-7598

Freida Carbery is the Volunteer Coordinator for Healthy Communities. Her passion is “gift exchange”! She pairs our community need with the talents and passions of local volunteers. Loving, approachable, friendly, but paired with a strong get “er” done spirit makes Freida the heart of our coalition.Contact Freida for volunteer opportunities or with questions about our Food Pantries.

freida-carbery (no we can’t get her to leave her outdated aol address!)
cell: 775-220-2749

Lisa Selmi is the grant managing force behind Healthy Communities; she helps pilot the coalition through the day to day workings of a functioning non-profit and we all honestly couldn’t do without her. Besides loving baseball and her family, Lisa is a strong advocate for all things good in the community and has logged in countless hours of volunteer time at all her children’s schools. Fearless of any grant requirement, she just gets the paperwork done, so the good work can continue in the communities.

lisa or  call the office at 775-246-7550

Anji Winebarger  joins us to help manage grants, assist our youth advocates, and generally keep order. HCC is thrilled at adding her to our staff because Anji is not new to Lyon County. Working at the state, raising family, attending church, and running local sports leagues Anji knows all about the importance of thriving communities–we just can’t wait to see what Anji and her Stand Tall Advocates will accomplish this year–be on the lookout.

anji 2 or call the office at 775-246-7550

Jenny Claypool  Having managed Community Roots for four growing seasons, she is now ready to take on new challenges at Healthy Communities Coalition. Jenny is a certified Community Health Worker. Having lived in northern Nevada for over 22 years, she knows the area and what skills and knowledge she can bring to her duties in the office.


Contact Jenny at or 775-720-2252

Quinn Cartwright Among many other good things, Quinn works with and links to training opportunities for community volunteers focused on health education and awareness. As Nevada Community Health Worker Association’s Project Manager, she is able to speak about CHW policy at the state and national levels. She has a Master’s in Public Health from UNR and a Bachelors of Science in Nutrition from UNR.


FOOD PANTRIES: Our food pantries in Dayton and Silver Springs are always staying busy,  In order for everything to run as planned it takes some amazing pantry managers,  and we have the best!  Alie Trier at the Dayton Food Pantry, and Kathy McIntosh at the Silver Stage Food Pantry, bring harmony to the food pantries even during the busiest times.  They have smiles on their faces and know that every client has their own needs and reasons for being there, and they make each person feel comfortable. Both Alie and Kathy are certified Community Health Workers.


Kathy McIntosh, Silver Stage Food Pantry Director


The Silver Stage Food Pantry is located at 3595 Ramsey Week Cutoff, Silver Springs

Alie Trier, Dayton Food Pantry Director


The Dayton Food Pantry is located at 4 Enterprise Drive, Dayton

SCHOOL-BASED RESOURCE COORDINATORS: Our newest group of Healthy Communities employees are our school-based resource coordinators.  They work with the schools in their region to help families find connections to local resources and to help students locate clothing, food, health care, and other needs they may have, as well as coordinating education for the community by way of health care events, school assemblies, ATOD abuse prevention classes and more. We are excited to have these Resource Coordinators as part of our team. All of the Coordinators are certified Community Health Workers.

Peggy Edwards, Coordinator for School-Based Resource Coordinators


Lindsey Kreller

Fernley/Wadsworth regions–Contact Lindsey at: by cell phone at 775-741-8397


Norma Espinoza

Fernley region – Contact Norma at


Patty Sanborn

Silver Springs/Stagecoach regions – Contact Patty at


Tammy Sutton

Alcohol, tobacco, prescription and other abuse prevention-Contact Tammy at or cell: (775) 301-8543. Tammy is a certified Community Health Worker and a certified trainer for CHW.


Terri Gahr

Dayton/Mound House/Silver City area- contact Terri at or cell: (775) 720-3664


Shannon Juntunen

Yerington/Smith Valley area – contact



COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS: Healthy Communities Coalition would not be who we are without volunteers.  People from all areas of Northern Nevada in all types of circumstances give of themselves, their time, their dedication, their love to helping others.  We are, on a daily basis, so touched by what volunteering means and how much joy and health we see it brings to so many, including ourselves. We thank you, the people who have helped bring Healthy Communities Coalition to where we are today.



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  1. I love this website! Someone is doing a fantastic job! I miss all of you!
    Mary Boettcher


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