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II. Speaker One: Kim Donahue, VA SNHCS

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Veterans Outreach Program Specialist Kim Donahue, who helps support and connect the veteran population with important benefits and services, went into detail about support available to our region?s military population and communities through the VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System.

Kim was previously a regional behavioral health coordinator, covering Licoln, Nye, etc., which gave her an understanding of rural needs. Before that she worked with NV Dept of VA services and suicide prevention.

Kim explained that to start services, veterans can fill in the VA Form 10-10EZ or go to: va.gov/health-care/apply/application or call.

Kim covers the federal side of outreach; Jim Richardson covers state side of VA outreach.

Kim noted that the PACT Act has been extended until Aug. 14 and she will send HCC a flyer with details. She noted that Dr. Spring Meyers is looking to support coalitions in communities (Community Engagement Partner Coordinator to connect to VA).

Kim said she?ll have a counterpart working with her soon, assisting in the same scope of work. Kim offered to give HCC and partners tours of SNHCS. In addition, she offered to do town halls in communities, etc., which she could do that in partnership with Jim Richardson.

Wendy noted she sees opportunities for CHWs to connect with these outreach resources. Kim said yes HCC may share out the power point she showed today.

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