Emergency Funding Assistance for Caregivers 

What it is

A one-time emergency funding assistance for family and friend caregivers who have an unplanned, unavoidable absence and need care for their loved one but have difficulty paying for care. 

How it works

A caregiver who is experiencing a Respite emergency is encouraged to apply by using the referral form or contact Yazmin. 

  • Work with families in providing them information and referrals to resources in their own communities. 
  • When possible, provide financial assistance to caregivers to get care for their loved ones from professional agencies to their own social network like friends/family/neighbors/etc. to provide the care. 

Funds are contingent on availability and are distributed on a case-by-case basis. 

To find out more, or to submit a referral please contact: 

 Yazmin Orozco 
(775) 525-9406 

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