Coalition Meeting Venue Changed to Dayton

HEALTHY COMMUNITIES MEETING VENUE CHANGED TO DAYTON: We hope you can join us for Healthy Communities’ breakfast meeting on Thursday Feb. 14, 2019 at 9am. Due to repairs being made to the Silver Springs Community Center, we will instead meet at the Dayton Community Center at 170 Pike Street, Dayton, NV 89403.

Guest speakers from Safe Embrace and also from JOIN, Inc will give presentations this month.

John Malcolm, Outreach and Prevention Education Specialist with Safe Embrace, will describe the Coaching Boys into Men and Athletes as Leaders program. It facilitates the unique connections that community leaders have on youth by providing them the resources they need to promote respectful behavior among youth and to help prevent relationship abuse, harassment, and sexual assault. The curriculum consists of a series of trainings that illustrate ways to model respect and promote healthy relationships. These programs cover personal responsibility, insulting language, disrespectful behavior towards women and girls, digital disrespect, consent, bragging about sexual reputation, aggression, relationship abuse, communicating boundaries, promoting equality, rumor spreading, relationship abuse, and healthy relationships, self- image, supporting other students, and challenging harmful gender stereotypes.

For more about the program, see this KOLO 8 news feature:

RJ Ramirez, JOIN, Inc’s Carson City Regional Manager, will describe some of the very helpful services for job seekers and employers that JOIN, Inc offers. For more about JOIN, see

What Is the Coalition? Whether its organic school gardens, free dental clinics, tobacco and opioid use prevention, science and arts education, job skills training, or suicide prevention, Healthy Communities takes a multi-faceted approach to promoting opportunities for health and wellness with a prevention first approach. Healthy Communities is composed of dozens of local, state, federal and tribal group partners; hundreds of community volunteers; a board of directors and staff, all working together on a common mission to strengthen communities in the Lyon and Storey regions by increasing access to 1)health care; 2) affordable, locally grown food; and 3) sustainable community development opportunities that serve the common good and build local assets and self-reliance.

2019 Spring Guest Speakers:

Thursday March 14 2019 at the Silver Springs Community Center at 9am: One) Friends of Nevada Wilderness, plus Two) The Nevada Lifespan Respite Care Coalition will present on respite awareness and access and ask for input on that topic in the Lyon County region. There will be a power point presentation followed by discussion.

Thursday April 11 2019 at 9am: A one-hour presentation on “Domestic Violence & Coordinated Community Response” will cover topics such as the cyclical nature of domestic violence (briefly); commonality of domestic violence; and coordinated community response (Duluth Model). The emphasis is about the role all stakeholders have in domestic violence response –  victim advocates, police, EMT, protection order filings, civil courts, prosecutors, etc.

Thursday May 9 2019 at 9am: One) Healthy Communities’ Stand Tall youth-led prevention teams will briefly summarize their excellent work on Tobacco 21 policy, and will describe their activity at the legislature this year and in their schools and communities to promote wellness. The teams use proven strategies to support good nutrition, exercise, mental health and to prevent use of tobacco, alcohol, opioids, and other drugs. Two) George McNally, Attorney with Volunteer Attorneys for Rural Nevadans (VARN), will describe the organization’s services benefiting rural Nevada.

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