Silver Springs Arts Hub Hosts Art Display Plus Visiting Photographer

Silver Springs, Nevada -The Silver Springs Arts Hub is a newly developing initiative to help promote and celebrate craftsmanship, arts and culture locally. The mission of the Arts Hub is to encourage the arts, build community, and share Silver Springs’ unique community through free, public events, programs, projects and displays.

2017-2018 Shows and Projects

The Arts Hub has partnered with Resource Coordinator Patty Sanborn and Counselor Jim Berryman-Shafer to display artwork from the Hub’s permanent collection on the walls of their busy office at the Silver Stage Middle School December 15, 2017 through February 15, 2018. Artwork includes sculpture by Silver Springs artist Ben Klinefelter and a large painting by Silver Springs artist Darlene Novy-Zuelke (1931- 2011). Earlier this year, their artwork was on view at the Silver Stage public library.

Ben Klinefelter is primarily a self-taught artist who’s been sculpting for many years and gained some of his inspiration from the work of his father, who was both a professional and commercial artist. His work has highly detailed surfaces, where contrasting textures provide for powerful images. He typically uses a stoneware body with iron stains to create his sculpture. The artwork on display in Patty Sanborn’s office was donated to the permanent collection of the Silver Springs Arts Hub by Charlie Blim and the Charlie B Gallery of Carson City.

ben klinefelter art

Darlene Grace Novy-Zuelke spent a lifetime as a working artist after completing the Gifted Artist program at the University of Illinois. For many years she worked throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Her paintings are in galleries and private collections as far as away as Germany, Japan, Australia and South America. She also worked in graphite, acrylic, mixed-media and pastels. Novy-Zuelke’s painting was purchased and donated to the permanent collection of the Silver Springs Arts Hub by the Resident Artist Program in Silver City, Nevada.

zuelke yellow

2017-2018 Visiting Artist: Marielle Toll of Gold Hill, Nevada is the visiting artist with the Silver Springs Arts Hub during 2017-2018, photographing the many innovative and award -winning food system projects the community has, such as the G.R.E.E.N Team’s food waste reduction system at the schools, the volunteer-powered Silver Stage Food Pantry, Silver Stage Community Garden and hoop house, school salad bars with school garden and local farm produce, etc. Silver Springs locals will then be given an opportunity to choose 24 of their favorite images for development as postcards showcasing some of the community’s loveliest assets.

Toll’s artwork has been selected for shows such as the 2016 exhibition ‘Many Moons’ in Reno, which included well-known Nevada artists such as Sidne Teske, Marti Bein and Trish Reynolds. She learned new skills in her role as a photo assistant for internationally acclaimed photographer Frances Melhop in the summer of 2016. Toll was also a visiting artist with the Resident Artist Program in Silver City in the spring of 2017. In addition, she’s designed websites for businesses such as the Nurturing Nest in Reno, and designed visual presentations and brochures for nonprofits such as Healthy Communities Coalition of Lyon and Storey Counties, where she is currently serving as a VISTA member serving the region.


Arts Hub goals include expanding opportunities for Silver Springs residents to create, participate in, and view visual art, music, poetry, photography, dance, film, folk arts, theater, etc. The Arts Hub is also seeking a housing opportunity in Silver Springs to accommodate an artist residency for visiting international artists who would like to share their skills with the community for one to three months.

Sponsorship: The Hub is part of the Healthy Communities Coalition of Lyon and Storey Counties (HCC), a nonprofit. For more information, email Quest Lakes of HCC at or see the Hub’s Facebook page at

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