Community Garden Tour for Kids and Parents August 8th

Silver City, Nevada– Silver City Community Garden committee members are offering a free tour of the garden for children with their parents on Tuesday, August 8th at 10am.

Silver City’s lovely organic community garden is celebrating its 9th growing season. The garden committee members who help make the garden thrive will lead a brief tour and explain a little about how plants grow from seeds and generate seeds.

Afterward, everyone is invited to find some shade in the park and do a garden related activity. Garden committee member Renate Victor explains, “They’ll find rocks, wash and paint them, dry them on tarps, spray them with a fixative, and then place them around the garden fence to deter digging critters from coming into the garden.”

Where is the Silver City Garden? Silver City is a small community located within both the Comstock Historic District and the Virginia City National Historic Landmark, just 3 miles from Virginia City and 12 miles from Carson City. The town’s unique garden is located across the street from the Silver City School House at 385 High Street.

Over the years, the community garden has become a way for neighbors to connect and share. Renate Victor put it best when she wrote, “The real miracle of this project is the spirit of Silver City. We are a community of diverse individuals who may have little in common, but enthusiastically enjoy the things that unite us.”

renate with tomatoes

How the Silver City Community Garden Got Its Start: In the spring of 2009, locals gathered at the Silver City School House to decide if there was interest in starting a community garden. Renate Victor explains that, “over the years we often spoke of communal gardening…and now we were actually planning to build straw-bale beds somewhere in Silver City and grow our own vegetables…”

garden meeting one

“In addition to the gardening passions of a few faithful citizens, and the occasional support of many others, we were further encouraged by the fact that Comstock Youth Works (funded through Community Chest through NevadaWorks’ funds) offered a summer program for teens that could provide a stipend for working in the garden.. The program also provided for an adult supervisor. We now had the work force to make our garden a reality…”

creating community garden

“At the second meeting of the gardening group, we learned that Bill Young had offered his lot, across the road from the School House on High Street, for our garden site; a perfect spot. We established work groups: Planning and Design; Fencing; Composting; Straw-bale Assembly; Planting; and Irrigation. Two nonprofits, Healthy Communities Coalition of Lyon and Storey Counties and Community Chest, Inc., provided $600 for straw bales, fencing, seedlings, etc… Silver City resident Beau Guthrie showed up with his front loader and said he would level the garden-site and help load the straw-bales. He got us moving, and thanks to Beau and the young people of this town, bales were set and the beds were filled with the soil…”

silver city garden display

“The early days of May found us ‘playing in the dirt’. Resident Susan Stornetta brought “treats” for the soil and worked them in, Molly Allander and I drove to a ranch in Dayton where we shoveled aged sheep manure into the bed of her pick-up…”

gardening in silver city

“The Comstock Youth Works teens helped care for the garden five days a week through the summer [of 2009] until mid August. They watered the plants, cleaned out the weeds, gathered willow twigs and branches to construct trellises to support the tomatoes that grew stronger and heavier by the day. They picked some of the greens and cucumbers for their lunch salads, and built a scarecrow that made friends with the visiting quail…”

corinna obermayr

“A group of women met early on Sunday mornings to hang out, assess the garden and compost, water what needed to be, and share gardening expertise and recipes for using the vegetables we were growing. We would nibble on lettuces, arugula, spinach, radishes, carrots plucked from the beds, and take home an eggplant or squash for dinner…”

susan stornetta at silver city garden

“Our community garden was lush. The tomato beds looked like a jungle. The sunflowers grew tall and had to be braced for the wind…We used some of the vegetables from the garden for the town’s monthly community soup and salad dinners…”

school house large

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