Yerington Food Pantry Opens in April 2017

AmeriCorps members, community volunteers, and Healthy Communities Coalition staff are all working together to get HCC’s new Yerington food pantry ready for its grand opening in April 2017! For more information please contact Shannon Juntunen of HCC at 350-4537.

ameriCorps at yerington pantry

The Yerington Food Pantry is HCC’s newest initiative to increase food security in the region. We are seeking donations, partners and volunteers on this journey to establish and maintain another thriving, “volunteer-powered” food pantry. The tentative opening date is April 1st, 2017.

The Yerington Food Pantry will function with donations from our community, fundraising, and funding from private foundations, and local, state, and federal agencies. As with other HCC food pantries, there will also be essential USDA and the Food Bank of Northern Nevada partnerships to make the Pantry successful.

Initially, the Pantry will be open once a week with the goal of being open more as soon as possible. We are also looking forward to collaborating with groups who currently offer emergency food to those in need.

In addition, a weekly backpack food program is being developed.

Volunteering and Donating: Thank you for considering donating in support of this community project. There are several ways to add support, such as a one-time donation of your choosing; a monthly donation; a commitment to volunteer work; or a donation of building materials or supplies. Tax deductible donations can be sent to Healthy Communities Coalition at PO Box 517 Dayton NV 89403.

Dodgeball Tournament Fundraiser: As a fundraiser for the new Pantry, there will be a Dodgeball Tournament at the Yerington High School on Saturday, April 1st beginning at 9am. Get a team together and join us for a fun morning! Registration for a 6 person team is $60, or jsut $50 for a 6 person STUDENT team. For registration forms and more info, call Brittany at 350-4597 or Shannon at 350-4537.

Left to right in photo: Alie Trier, HCC’s Dayton Food Pantry manager; Alisha Moss, AmeriCorps; Don Carbery, volunteer; Freida Carbery, HCC’s Volunteer Coordinator; Brittany McDonald, AmeriCorps; Preston Shahan, AmeriCorps; and Justin Reid, AmeriCorps

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