Healthy Communities Meets on June 9th

Healthy Communities’ monthly breakfast meeting takes place Thursday, June 9th, 2016 at 9am at the Silver Springs Community Center.

Everyone is welcome at the meetings for discussion and collaborative action planning on issues affecting community vibrancy in the Lyon and Storey regions.

The public meetings include discussion and action planning on issues affecting community vibrancy in the Lyon and Storey regions.

Introduction to Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Government Structure:  This month HCC’s featured guest speakers are leaders from Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe who will offer a presentation on tribal government structure so we can become better partners. The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe’s Reservation covers 742 square miles in Lyon, Washoe, and Storey Counties and includes Pyramid Lake. The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe is governed by 10 Tribal Council members who are elected bi-annually in December and on staggered two year terms. The tribe operates under the Indian Reorganization Act Constitution and By-Laws. The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe has a Government to Government Relationship with the Federal Government. Therefore, the Tribe contracts with or receives grants directly from Federal Agencies or the State of Nevada, to provide services to the Tribal members and residents of the Reservation. The revenue generated by the Tribe is used to support local Tribal government activities and to supplement the programs that provide direct services to the Tribal members or residents. The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe has more than 2,000 enrolled members. About 45% of the population resides in Wadsworth, Nevada, and about 15% of the population resides in Sutcliffe, Nevada.

Job Training, Local Food, Arts, Access to Health Services, Jail Diversion, Etc:  The meeting will also include news and announcements about 1) the upcoming Remote Area Medical free, pop-up medical/dental/vision clinics in Silver Springs, Pahrump and elsewhere in Nevada; 2)paid youth job training internships and adult job training opportunities 3) summer farmers markets that accept WIC and SNAP, and other elements of the regional Healthy Food Hub 4) elements of the regional Health and Wellness Hub such as community education in suicide prevention 5) upcoming arts and science events and initiatives 6) and updates about HCC’s Stand Tall teams, food pantries, school-based resource coordinators, Behavioral Health Task Force in Lyon County, etc.

Faith and Community Updates: Coalition members will report on the quarterly meeting the Coalition convenes with the region’s faith leaders, social services providers, and local nonprofits in an effort to increase affordable housing options and to reduce homelessness in Lyon County. The next “Faith and Community” meeting takes place on June 23rd at 10am at the Silver Springs Community Center. Healthy Communities Coalition director Christy McGill explains, “For every person or child who is or was homeless in this community there is a story–these stories are all different but common themes are sickness, trauma, addiction, violence, sadness, and poverty. If only it were because “he or she does not want to work” then it would be so much easier. Think of the healing if people could share those stories without fear of blame, shame, and isolation. I love when I see people who are willing to listen, show compassion, and help build hope–none of these things begin with money.

For more information, please contact HCC at 246-7550 or see

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