Healthy Communities meets Thurs May 12

Healthy Communities’ monthly breakfast meeting takes place this Thursday, May 12th, 2016 at 9am at the Silver Springs Community Center. Join us for discussion and action planning on issues affecting community vibrancy in the Lyon and Storey regions; with updates on 1) the 2016 Remote Area Medical clinics in Silver Springs and elsewhere in Nevada; 2)summer youth job training through CYW 3) summer farmers markets that accept WIC and SNAP, and other elements of the regional Healthy Food Hub 4) elements of the regional Health and Wellness Hub such as dental days at Fernley and Silver Springs schools 5) upcoming arts and science events 6) and much more..

christy in peace shirt

Quote of the month:¬†¬†Healthy Communities Coalition director Christy McGill recently wrote, “For every person or child who is or was homeless in this community there is a story–these stories are all different but common themes are sickness, trauma, addiction, violence, sadness, and poverty. If only it were because “he or she does not want to work” then it would be so much easier……..think of the healing if people could share those stories without fear of blame, shame, and isolation–I love when I see people who are willing to listen, show compassion, and help build hope–none of these things begin with money.”

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