Healthy Communities’ News & Notes Spring 2016

Community volunteers of all ages, dozens of group partners, HCC’s board and staff have been very busy this spring! Below are 20 short highlights about HCC’s events and recent good news (for full details, follow the links to articles with complete details). Scroll to the bottom for lots of photos.

1)Weight Loss Support Group every Wed at 5:30pm in Dayton. Details:

2) Group art project to build a ship model art piece with Oakland -based artist Scott MacLeod through the end of April in Silver City – the ship will be shown in galleries later this year. Sponsored by the Resident Artist Program in Silver City with added support from HCC. Details:

3)HCC’s Yerington Task Force hosted an evening “glow” 5K Walk/Run to raise scholarship funds this Fri April 22nd. Details:

4) Curves Dayton hosted a Zumba fundraiser for HCC’s Dayton Food Pantry on April 23rd and raised $620 in cash donations and 600 pounds of food. Details:

5) HCC’s free healthy cooking classes with dietitian Kim Mason take place on the 3rd Mon of each month. Details:

6)Multi-sector Core Team for the Health and Wellness Hub meets on Tues June 28th from 10am-2pm (convened by HCC). Details:

7)The Lyon County Behavioral Health Task Force (convened by HCC) meets on Friday, April 29 in Silver Springs (call Christy to be placed on the email list).

8)HCC’s Community Roots is open for the season! Check out their gorgeous website:

9)HCC has a Community Harvest community supported agriculture program (CSA). Details:

10)HCC won a 2016 Silver Syringe Award from Immunize Nevada! Details:

11) Shaun Griffin’s new memoir is available, and it includes a chapter on the first Medical Outreach Response Event (MORE) and many other beautifully written essays about Nevada – Silver City Arts hosts a reading by Shaun on Sun June 5th at 4pm. Details:

12) HCC volunteers, staff and partners won NNDA 2016 Pioneer Awards, including Kathy McIntosh (Silver Springs); Basin and Range Organics; Caleb Holley (Dayton); and Dr. Cary Jaques (Health Hub). Details:

13)Wendy Madson of HCC was among the speakers at the Nevada School Garden conference, and HCC won a “Golden Potato” award from NV Dept of Ag for helping to kickstart and provide technical support to 9 school gardens and hoop houses since 2010. Details:

14) Remote Area Medical (RAM) will bring free clinics to NV again in Sept and Oct 2016 (Silver Springs, Vegas, Pahrump, and Duck Valley). Details:

15)Fernley’s new school hoop house had an open house on Earth Day. Details:

16) Dental Days in Fernley: Dr. Brad Munninger, Dr. Benham Salar and state Community Health nurses Julie Dumms, Therese Litterer and assistant Nichole Vonjaeger helped bring dental services to 64 students during Dental Days at Fernley Elementary this spring. Dental Days are part of the regional Health and Wellness Hub (HCC serves as the backbone organization for the Hub, which includes multiple sectors and levels working together).

17) The Leadership Out loud Camp (LOL) for ages 12-17 from Storey, Lyon, and Douglas takes place at Tahoe again this year in June. Adult chaperones/volunteers needed. Details:

18) Stand Tall in Silver Springs recently helped with the local PTA’s color run fundraiser, and all of the Stand Tall teams have been giving presentations on the health risks of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs throughout the year, as well as promoting ways to get and stay healthy. Great job, Stand Tall teams!

19)School Salad Bars: Salad bars are now being offered every Wednesday and Thursday in Lyon County schools! Better yet, local farm and school garden produce will be on the menu. Now, to keep the good stuff rolling, we need volunteers to engage kids and be at the salad bars. Please contact Wendy Madson of HCC if you’re interested in volunteering for short periods (about an hour).The salad bars are part of a Farm to School strategy and one of many spokes in the regional Healthy Food Hub. More about the food hub here:


pta color run ss

Silver Stage Stand Tall helped with the PTA color run fundraiser

renate and molly laughing april 20

Silver City (Comstock) residents worked with Oakland-based artist Scott MacLeod on a group project to build a ship model art piece from found objects this spring.

yerington glow run

HCC’s Yerington Stand Tall organized an evening glow run for the community. Proceeds benefit the annual Stand Tall scholarship.

ss pilot salad bar

Salad Bars with local produce are now being offered in Lyon Schools. The salad bars were kick-started with funding from USDA, with Farm to School strategies by HCC and LCSD.

zumba fundraiser

Curves Dayton’s fundraiser brought 600 pounds of donated food and $620 in cash donations to HCC’s Dayton Food Pantry! Thank you do these fantastic dance instructors and Curves!

writing group three

Oakland-based artist Scott MacLeod led writing groups this spring. The classes were sponsored by the Resident Artist Program in Silver City with support from HCC.

munninger by carissa

Through the Health and Wellness Hub, a Dental Day was held at Fernley Elementary recently and 64 students received services with the help of 2 local dentists and community health nurses.




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