Internationally Known Speaker Dr. Monica Ganz Offers Weight Loss Seminar

Dayton, Nevada – Healthy Communities Coalition welcomes internationally known speaker Monica Ganz, Ph.D., to the Dayton Community Center on Saturday February 20 from 9am to 4pm. Her day-long seminar is designed to teach the behavioral changes that are needed to maintain long-term weight loss. Admission is $15.00, which includes a healthy lunch, humor, perspective and guidance to a healthier lifestyle.

A behaviorist who has worked with support groups for more then 30 years, Monica Ganz has mentored over 750 support groups throughout the world since 2002. She stresses that “diets do not work. What we all need is a lifestyle change so we eat healthy and are aware of all we put into our mouths.” She will address common questions about emotional eating, recipe adaptation, good nutrition, and stress level, and exercise.

As a speaker who brings humor and perspective to her seminars, Dr. Ganz motivates her audience to continue on a successful path to health with her inspirational personal story. She explains that, “Fourteen years ago I lost 340 pounds and have maintained the weight loss. I have learned to view food as fuel to keep me going. I have lectured all over the world trying to help others to understand their eating habits and behaviors. I got a second chance in life and this is my way of paying it forward. To lengthen your life you need to be healthy, which means eating right, exercising properly, and watching your stress level.”

Dr. Ganz is a member of the National Speakers Association and the Obesity Action Coalition. Her cookbook “From Monica’s Kitchen to Yours” features meals for the family to live healthier and longer.

Space is limited. Please RSVP to Jenny or Lisa at Healthy Communities at (775) 246-7550.

Health and Wellness Hub: The seminar fits within Healthy Communities Coalition’s multi-faceted regional “Health and Wellness Hub”, a strategic partnership among diverse groups to expand access to dental, medical, vision and behavioral health care services and wellness education in rural Lyon and Storey counties. For more information about the Health Hub, see

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