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HCC staff speakers at 2015 Economic Development Conference (May 19-21)

HCC staff speakers at 2015 Economic Development Conference (May 19-21)

Save the dates for this very useful May 2015 conference on community-driven economic development sponsored by Western Nevada Development District, the College of Business at UNR, and USDA. Session topics will be shaped around economic development with a focus on the topics of workforce development, energy, agriculture, tourism,access to capital, infrastructure, manufacturing, and transportation. Click on the flyer below for basic information, and scroll down to find more about Healthy Communities? staff and partners? Conference presentation. The complete brochure showing all of the conference sessions, tours, etc. can be found here: 


2015 Economic Development Conference Includes Session on Health Hub of Lyon/Storey region

One of the featured sessions will focus on the economic and workforce development impact of the developing Health Hub in Lyon and Storey communities.

Serious dental problems, lack of access to good nutrition, untreated behavioral health issues and chronic health conditions can be barriers to getting and keeping living wage jobs and completing education and career training.

But the shortage of health care professionals in rural Nevada poses a challenge, making it difficult for rural populations to take charge of their own health.

How is the Health Hub connecting rural populations to the affordable services, fresh food, exercise opportunities, and information they deserve so they can take charge and make their communities thrive?

Find out how the Hub works, and why this approach is having measurable results that are improving cost effectiveness of service delivery.

Panelists will show how they gather data on the impact of the hub, and describe individual examples of the workforce development of this approach.

Panelists include Healthy Communities Coalition of Lyon and Storey?s director Christy McGill, Dr. Deborah Loesch Griffin of Turning Point, Inc, Wendy Madson of Community Roots, HCC?s Volunteer Coordinator Freida Carbery, and mental health clinical director Cheryl Bowles.

The Health Hub is a network that includes health promotion, prevention, and cost-effective service delivery. Dozens of groups and many individuals, working together strategically, are expanding access to dental, medical, vision and behavioral health care, and wellness education. The Health Hub also intersects with the region?s ?Healthy Food Hub? , which seeks to increase access to and demand for affordable, locally grown food in rural Lyon and Storey Counties.