Remote Area Medical (RAM) Will Visit Yerington, Carson City, and Vegas in 2015!

Nevada – It’s official! Remote Area Medical (RAM) will bring free medical, dental, and vision services to Nevada again, this time visiting 3 areas of Nevada in October 2015: Yerington, Carson City AND Las Vegas! To find out more about what happened last year when RAM visited Nevada, check out this short video with quotes from Christy McGill, director of Healthy Communities:

General and Medical Volunteers Needed:  We anticipate seeing between 500 and 800 patients per day, and we need your help. If you’d like to volunteer as either a general volunteer or as a health care professional volunteer at the Yerington or the Carson City events, please give us a call at (775) 350-4597. This is a collaborative effort in which hundreds of volunteers from Nevada and from around the U.S. help ease suffering. When RAM visited Nevada last spring, together we were able to serve a total of more than 1,700 people in Northern and Southern Nevada in just a few days.

Types of Volunteers Needed: We are in need of 500 general volunteers, and at least 30 dentists (DDS), 25 hygienists, and 25 dental assistants per day, in addition to at least 3 Opthalmologists, 6 ODs, 6 Opticians, and 4 OP technicians per day, and Registered Nurses, Advanced Practice Nurses, Nephrologists,  Physicians Assistants, Triage Volunteers, etc. Click on the flyer below for more details.

RAM provides all equipment, supplies, and technical support, while local hosts and sponsoring entities will provide local coordination, advertising, etc.

Patients Do Not Need to Register:  If you would like to receive services at any of the RAM events, there is no need to register. All RAM events are first come, first served, and no ID is required.

RAM Y and CC poster

Las Vegas: If you are interested in helping coordinate aspects of the RAM event being hosted by CARE Coalition in Las Vegas, please call (702) 463-1415.

To find out more about RAM, an organization that has provided more than 700 free events to communities across the U.S. and around the world, see 


Las Vegas – October 2rd -4th, 2015

Yerington – October 9th -11th, 2015

Carson City – October 16th-18th, 2015

To read more about how and why RAM is coming to Nevada for a second time, see the links below:

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Click to access 2320e3_91236a6f682a448d81ea376280abfff5.pdf

RAM will offer free services in Yerington in 2015 (RGJ)

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