Remote Area Medical is coming to Yerington, Nevada!

Remote Area Medical and community partners will provide free medical, dental, mental health and vision care to Nevadans of all ages in October of 2015! This is a collaborative event made possible by RAM, hundreds of local and out-of-state volunteers, and dozens of groups all working together. Patients are not required to register, and no ID or proof of insurance is needed. However, both general and health care professional volunteers do need to register.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Mason Valley is the host for the Yerington event, Community Health Nursing Clinics in Lyon County are taking on the triage lead, and Healthy Communities Coalition of Lyon and Storey is the sponsoring legal entity. For more information about how and why RAM is coming to Nevada, see the links below. Please call (775) 350-4597 for more information. For more about RAM’s activities nationwide and internationally, see

Doctors Needed

Assemblyman Tom Grady’s part in making RAM’s visits to Nevada possible:

Data on first RAM visit (2014) to both Southern and Northern Nevada:

News feature about RAM’s first visit to Nevada:

History of the Medical Outreach Response Event (MORE), RAM, and the Health Services Hub in Nevada:

RAM will offer free services in Yerington in 2015 (RGJ)

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