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Silver Springs Community Celebrates Thanksgiving Together

Silver Springs Community Celebrates Thanksgiving Together

Silver Springs, Nevada ? The annual Silver Springs community Thanksgiving dinner was a success again this year with about 200 attending. The dinner was held at at the Silver Stage High School on Saturday November 22nd -organizers say many groups and individual volunteers of all ages pitched in to make the dinner possible.

The town really got into the spirit of the season with a ?Thanksgiving Tree? display where residents left notes about some of the things in their lives that inspire gratitude.

Silver Stage Co-Op, part of the nonprofit Healthy Communities Coalition of Lyon and Storey, donated enough turkeys for about 400 families, so there was more than enough for a hearty meal.

The school?s kitchen staff donated their own time to cook the turkey and side dishes, including stuffing and gravy from the local food pantry.

The local Girl Scouts brought pumpkin pies, and other groups donated rolls, mashed potatoes, etc.

Healthy Communities? certified Community Health Advocate, Tammy Sutton, worked with the Coalition?s local Stand Tall youth team, plus Silver Stage High School?s ?S? Club (junior Soroptimists), high school administration, students and staff, co-op members, and the food pantry to help organize the event.

The youth clubs, ?S? Club and Stand Tall, created a paper ?Thanksgiving Tree? that was displayed during the event. People attending the dinner wrote notes on paper leaves about some of the things for which they?re thankful, and attached the leaves to the tree.

Volunteers from many groups helped make the Silver Springs Thanksgiving dinner a success

People listed gratitude for a wide range of things, such as:

?I?m thankful for my family, whom I love and cherish, especially my wife. Thank you for today and better tomorrows.?

?I?m thankful for my Pop?s surviving cancer.?

?I?m thankful for friends, family and a great community!?

?I?m thankful for life, family, love.?

?I?m thankful for my loving husband.?

?I?m thankful for finding a construction job.?